Chas Pratt


An experienced marketeer with an eye for detail, Chas has a passion for marketing property and a love of todo cosas español.

  • Chas Pratt – Director

Natashia Kubiak-Philip


At the heart of the Kubiak family ethos of innovation and creative thinking, Natashia is passionate about exploring new ideas.

  • Natashia Kubiak – Director

Jack Collins

Account Executive

Jack gets his kicks from problem solving and understanding what the client really needs.

  • Jack Collins – Account Executive

Lucy Brown

Production Manager

Lucy embraces the family element of Kubiak, as the office ‘Mum’ she keeps the team organised and on schedule.

  • Lucy Brown – Production Manager

Thyme Morris


Thyme loves typography, colour, patterns and layout, and thinks creativity is a way of life!

  • Thyme Morris – Designer

Emily Taylor

Designer & Illustrator

Emily is an utter perfectionist and likes nothing better than pixel perfect design.

  • Emily Taylor – Designer

Alex Wong

Web Developer

Alex loves to code. Always seeking to learn and improve upon his current skills.

  • Alex Wong – Web Developer


Head of Distractions

Peggy is an extremely motivated pooch who is highly skilled in reminding the team to take screen breaks as well as keeping a smile on everyones face.

  • Peggy



The true face of Kubiak, Alan is our loyal mascot and companion.

  • Alan

Our team at Kubiak has a way of drawing you in for curious conversations about the finer details of design without you noticing. Too long in our office and you'll find yourself obsessing about spacing or awe-struck by colour palettes. Everyone here is a little bit crazy about creativity and by coming to work we get to feed our design monsters with like-minded, passionate people. And by working hard together we make some inspirational things happen.

On this #valentinesday we have a lot of love for the new TW12VE Forbury Court, Reading, marketing campaign which we……