Eastern Business Park

Located in St Mellows on the outskirts of Cardiff, Eastern Business Park is a campus style office complex. Alongside its serviced offices, onsite facilities include a new restaurant, fitness suite, conference centre and children’s nursery. Significant refurbishment work has ensured that a once-dated building is now an aspiring place to work, with the amenities, access and parking to rival an office in central Cardiff.

What we did

  • Branding
  • Website
  • Print
  • Video/Animation
  • CGI
  • Photography

Designing a visual dream

EBP’s marketing has evolved over the years, with the ambition to ‘market the dream’ for future occupiers. They asked us for a full suite of consistent materials with a particular focus on visually appealing elements and interactive tools to bring the complex to life. 

Eastern Business Park Wall Animation

An intelligent and interactive welcome

A new bespoke website with easy navigation now welcomes prospective occupiers to a new way of working. The website will also feature an interactive intranet and online community for future occupiers, enabling them to order food from the restaurant and book gym sessions. A key goal of the marketing was to bring an empty space to life, which we achieved with a virtual tour that blends live footage of the building with CGI animation of the second floor. A film tour of the whole building is also underway. Finally we created a funky animation blended with live film of the wall for EBP to use in marketing campaigns and on social media. 

As the complex evolves, so will the marketing. Everything we create is designed to position Eastern Business Park as a preferable option to city centre working. Luckily, there’s a lot we can shout about! 

Eastern Business Park, Cardiff

Eastern Business Park
Eastern Business Park
Eastern Business Park