Long live print!

First things first, this isn’t about print versus digital. 

Despite the onslaught of the digital world, it seems print has not only survived, but thrived. That’s because rather than the two fighting each other for limelight, they’ve comfortably settled themselves into the same toolbox. That is to say, just as CGI and traditional filmmaking now coexist in films such as Avatar, digital and print have put down their weapons and are playing nicely for all sorts of promotional and advertising ends.

In fact, the endemic rise of digital has given print an invaluable status in the advertising world – it’s now considered nostalgic, unusual and – most importantly – yearned for. It’s not surprising; many of us spend most of the day strapped to a computer. There’s no texture to feel. No pages to turn. No glorious aroma of ink-soaked paper. So when there’s something tangible to pick up and experience, we can’t help but grab for it. For all digital’s benefits, the experience it renders is nowhere near as tactile and involved. 


  • by Kubiak Creative
Long live print!

However, although the forward march of digital hasn’t killed print, it’s definitely changed what we want and expect from it. Gone are the days when companies ordered large, average quality print runs. We’ve seen a growing demand for beautifully crafted, short-run production, often digitally produced. Companies are doing more and more to outshine their competitors, and they know that bespoke embossing, laminating and binding is what turns heads. 

To put it simply, the mantra is quality not quantity. Companies are keen to experiment with unusual techniques made possible by digital, from texturing business cards to embossing and foiling brochures. Even the weight of the paper is carefully considered – shall it be butterfly wing delicate or coffee table book sturdy? And with its nostalgic appeal, older print techniques such as screen-printing and thermography have reemerged, giving quirky companies a tangible and memorable form of expression. 

Nowadays, every print run is a work of art because companies know their audience appreciate the end result. Every detail is thoughtfully considered, each colour carefully chosen. Beautiful print is about creating tactile, memorable experiences that are valued all the more because of digital’s rise to fame. It’s a symbiotic relationship; the two bolster each other towards one end result – building brand loyalty and ultimately increasing sales.

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