The Process Behind The Creative

We often talk about the creative we produce. But what about the process involved in bringing a vision to life? This is the heady world of account management – the central nervous system of our agency and the secret to happy designers, happy clients and happy results.

There’s a lot more to managing the creative process than simply setting and following rules. It’s all about strategy, leadership and relationship building. In other words, doing things intelligently and confidently for the benefit of all to deliver the service our clients deserve and expect.

Kubiak’s trusty account management team liaises between our clients and creative team on a daily basis, coordinating campaigns, keeping the client in the driver’s seat and ensuring the work produced matches their (sometimes changing!) brief. This constant toing and froing is the heartbeat of the agency, and the reason why we repeatedly deliver on our clients’ expectations.


  • by Kubiak Creative

1: They’re an incredibly hard-working team who have the uncanny ability to juggle many responsibilities at once without breaking a sweat. To say they multitask is an understatement – these guys send productivity into the stratosphere!

2: Always alert and with their eye firmly on the ball, they’re endlessly poised to respond to the needs of our clients, however weird and whacky they may be.

3: They like to be in the know, which means they invest a heck of a lot of time in understanding your business, its people and its market. And quite right too – it’s this sort of attitude that ensures we only make proposals that are constructive, affordable and right for you.

4: They’re only interested in providing solutions that add value. This sees them obsessing about the return on your marketing investment and giving appropriate advice even if there’s no income stream for us.

5: They see no point in producing work that doesn’t stand out from the crowd, which means they get into the mindset of your customers and focus on your competitive point of difference. 

6: Giving you a super slick team is their secret to success, so they bring together the best mix of skills and experience. And if we need to outsource, then they manage other providers and suppliers that they know can deliver.

7: It doesn’t matter who the client is, budget is always important. So they’ll use the most competitive supplier for each individual job; maintain accurate records of internal time costs; estimate costs in advance and keep you in the loop if things change, and present clear invoices that won’t cause headaches.

8: All of the above doesn’t come too much if we’re not good people to work with. So whilst our account management team take work seriously, they also add a healthy pinch of fun. The aim is to give you as little stress as possible whilst delivering results that make you punch the air with glee. 

9: Sometimes, client expectations and designer knowhow don’t go hand in hand. Perhaps the client wants something that is technically impossible, or the designer’s advice contradicts an aspect of the brief. This is where our trusty account managers heroically step in. They work with both sides to find a balance that makes everybody happy, especially the client. 

10: Last but by no means least, they communicate. Lucid communication throughout a project is absolutely vital to its success. So they’re constantly keeping both the client and the creative team in the loop, listening to all their thoughts and questions and ultimately consolidating everybody’s opinions and expectations so that the project runs smoothly. It’s all about being responsive and keeping all lines of communication flowing freely.

It’s true that whilst our designers produce the tangible results, it’s our account management team who work stealthily in the background to ensure every step we take is on brief and on budget. This hard work, initiative and insatiable enthusiasm is what makes our agency tick, and the true power behind the results we produce.

Why not get in touch today and find out just how effective our trusty account management team are.

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