Think print is dead? Think again.

A good book will never be forgotten. Not just for the narrative journey its flow of the words can set your mind on, but the feel of it in your hand as you run your fingers over the pages, the smell of the paper and the all-consuming moment when the world stops and another one starts.


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It is this personal, tangible, sensory experience that resolutely confirms why digital will never be the death of print. Despite being right in the middle of the digital age, with screen-based communication the fastest and cheapest, print can still be your finest asset.


Here are Kubiak’s top reasons for making your print memorable:

1. It is more personal
In a world of screens, when your customers are filtering through emails upon emails, give them a reason to put the kettle on and take a few moments out to experience an eye-catching, beautiful brochure. It’s hard to resist the allure of well designed print marketing and it will set you apart, making your customers feel valued and special. You’ve invested skill and money in showing them your services and they will repay you with their time instead of the delete button.

2. It is an opportunity to shine
The range of options available for print material is truly staggering. Gone are thoughts of print marketing being old-fashioned. Quite the reverse, print unlocks a world of creativity. Pages can be any shape and texture, with die cuts, embossing, foil blocking, scodix special effects or varnish to name a few. Playful interaction can hold your reader's’ attention and Kubiak’s print specialists can guide you through every option from conventional to quirky. Clever print can stimulate conversation and debate in social media circles, widening the impact.

3. It is more memorable and has an effect for longer
We all know how easy it is to press delete on an email, especially when it’s badly timed for a busy part of the day. A beautifully designed piece of literature can sit on your desk until you’re ready to look at it. And even then, if it’s captured your interest, it’s far more likely to go on the coffee table or the shelf for when you need it than in the bin. It’s also reported that 79% of consumers act on post immediately, whilst only 45% will deal with an email straight away. Make it memorable and an investment in print is worth far more than an email.

4. It gives you a competitive edge
Due to the rise of digital marketing, less companies are investing in printed materials. So using more print marketing will actually help you stand out. By investing, you are also showing that your company is trustworthy, serious and credible. This reputational advantage is often the deciding factor on whether a customer will choose you.

5. It is part of a full marketing strategy
Integrating marketing doesn’t just work online, you can mix your printed and digital campaigns by sticking to the same style guide, colours and feel. Print can encourage your audience to visit you online too with social media logos and app download logos. Giving people the choice with how they want to interact with your brand shows respect for your customers.

Kubiak Print Design Bristol
Kubiak Print Design Bristol
Kubiak Print Design Bristol

As you can tell, we’re passionate about print marketing and we’d encourage all our clients to explore the options. We’re highly experienced in creating integrated campaigns with high quality both online and offline.

So if you’re looking to develop a modern, fresh print campaign that speaks to your audience, give us a call on 01275 464836. Or if you have a creative idea already, we love a challenge.

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