Bristol Property Agents Association

The BPAA is the collective, authoritative voice of the Bristol property market, comprising individuals from both the commercial and residential sectors.

What we did

  • Branding
  • Website
  • Print
  • Social Media

Bringing the BPAA up-to-date

Kubiak has been fortunate enough to work with the BPAA on their marketing for the past 20 years, from their branding, newsletters and displays, to the online presence and social media. 

Their website was due for a much-needed refresh, so we pitched the new brand and website to the BPAA president and committee. The new design was very well received with positive feedback and approved for launch ahead of the new year.

View the BPAA Website

Refreshing an established brand

We initially looked at the BPAA brand, subtly simplifying their much-beloved logo. We simplified the iconic bridge illustration and the silhouette of buildings, to allow the logo to work against more diverse backgrounds. We also updated the fonts and colour palette for the brand - introducing a bolder and brighter secondary colour palette, whilst retaining the existing primary plum, creating a fresher, contemporary look to their marketing.

The new website utilises the extended colour palette, creating much brighter layouts and photography-led design. The BPAA's ‘News’ and ‘Events’ feeds were given greater prominence and improved functionality to encourage more visitors, with easier actions to download event and contact information. The website's CMS system was also updated, allowing new events and news articles to be published with minimal effort and maximum impact.

The new brand has been rolled out across the BPAA’s social media and also event literature including flyers, annual dinner table dressings and pop-up display banners.

BPAA Logo Design
BPAA Website Design

"It's been an absolute pleasure working with Kubiak redesigning the Bristol Property Agents Association’s new website. Their initial pitch was spot on, and the new website looks fantastic, is very informative and much easier to use. The new brighter colour palette really lifts the BPAA brand and I am proud to show off the website to the BPAA members and wider business fraternity."

Rob Russell,
BPAA President 2023-24