Innsworth Park

Innsworth Park is a large-scale development near Gloucester. With a vision of a self-sufficient village offering 1,300 homes, retail, a school, business opportunities and a new community, the development will attract employment, residents and investment to the area around Innsworth.

What we did

  • Branding
  • Website
  • Print
  • Video/Animation
  • CGI

Making the vision a reality

Our challenge was to demonstrate the scale of the development, focusing on the business and leisure elements and painting a picture of the opportunities available. We wanted to show the market that Robert Hitchins was the developer primed to make this vision a reality. 

Their website and marketing literature needed to be built with growth in mind, so it could evolve alongside the site. Longevity and adaptability were crucial.

Innsworth Park, Gloucester

Innsworth Property Brochure Design
Innsworth Property Brochure Design
Innsworth Website Design
Innsworth Retail CGI

Bringing a personality to life

We started with an overarching brand and sub brands. By giving the scheme a name and a personality, people could get to know and love Innsworth Park. We brought the site to life with computer generated animations so future residents and businesses could immerse themselves in the possibilities. 

The new design is clean and fresh, with simple elegant fonts to generate a sense of good health and wellbeing. With a user-friendly content management system, Robert Hitchins can easily make regular news updates on the website as Innsworth Park grows.